F1 Standard Bernedoodle Puppies

Sorry, these puppies are spoken for.

Summer & Kavik are so happy to announce their eight gorgeous Bernedoodle puppies born on May 8, 2017. There are 3 boys and 5 girls! This is another beautiful litter which will have wonderful, playful personalities. These  puppies will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.

These Bernedoodle puppies will be vet checked, dewormed and have their first shots. They will be treated with Revolution (covers fleas, ticks and heartworm). They will be micro-chipped and will be sold with a 2 year written health guarantee against genetic illnesses.

These Bernedoodle puppies will be well socialized with children and other dogs. A Bernedoodle is a very loyal, intelligent and playful dog with a wonderful temperament. They are great companion/therapy dogs and thrive on being around people. They are low to non-shedding and some inherit the hypoallergenic characteristics of the Poodle.

If you are interested in adopting a Bernedoodle puppy, please fill out our application or contact us. We require a $300 deposit that is nonrefundable but transferrable to another litter of our Bernedoodle puppies.

Male 1 Moving to Guelph
Male 2 Moving to Brampton
Male 3 Moving to Toronto
Female 1 Moving to Toronto
Female 2 Moving to Columbia, Illinois
Female 3 Moving to Penticton, British Columbia
Female 4 Moving to St. Johns, Newfoundland
Moving to Kingston

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The Beautiful Girls
The Beautiful Girls
The Handsome Boys
The Handsome Boys