I’m Ron Kuepfer, proud owner of Willow Brooke Bernedoodles.

My family, along with our charming four-legged friends, enjoys life on a 25 acre property. A brook, bordered by willow trees, meanders throughout the width of our property. That’s why we named our kennel – Willow Brooke.

My love for dogs began when I was young. Some of my school friends invested their money in rabbits. But my uncles and my grandpa were avid dog breeders and so, of course, I was more interested in dog breeding than rabbits. I was only nine years old when I was given the responsibility of breeding and then selling my first litter of puppies.


In the thrill of the teenage years I left my dog breeding days behind and joined the workforce. It wasn’t long before I missed my interaction with dogs. In 2005 I bought my first English Bulldog. For the next 8 years I bred purebred English Bulldogs. I also crossed my female bulldogs with a Chinese Sharpei to eradicate the health problems that plagued the purebred English Bulldog. These puppies are adorable, wrinkly little balls of fur and it is very easy to find homes for them. But they are very difficult to raise in the first critical weeks. Bulldog females are very poor mothers and need constant vigilance when they are with their pups.

It was in 2013 that I was first introduced to a new breed, the incredibly beautiful Bernedoodle. I fell in love with them — their gorgeous colours, laughing faces and such attractive friendliness. And the mothers were experts with their babies – definitely a bonus. We had just moved to the present property and I immediately did extensive renovations on the existing barn. We now have a top-notch dog kennel that meets and exceeds our township’s regulations. Not only do our dogs have a lovely well-lit building to call home, but every day they can be outside in our half-acre fenced pasture. Our willow trees by the brook and the new shelter give pleasant shade for them on hot summer afternoons.



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