The cross between our beautiful registered purebred Bernese Mountain Dog females and registered purebred Moyan and Standard Poodle males is amazing! We get the best of both breeds.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an easy going, intelligent, affectionate and loyal breed. However, a Bernese generally has a short life span and is prone to several health issues including cancer, heart disease, dysplasia, and epilepsy. This causes many purebred Bernese owners to look for a solution which is a hybrid breed.

The Poodle is known as a highly intelligent breed. They are easily trained with an amazing personality; they are very playful and love to clown around! 

When bred with a poodle, the result is a Bernedoodle. The hybrid results in puppies that are healthier than their parents. Therefore, they have a longer life expectancy.

The combination of the Bernese and the Poodle is then an easy going dog, gentle with children and elderly, but there is also a wonderful sense of vibrancy. They are wonderful companion/therapy dogs and thrive on being around people. Coat types range from wavy to curly. The curlier the coat, the less your dog will shed. Even if the coat is wavy, it will still be classed as low shedding, especially in comparison to a purebred Bernese. Bernedoodles require regular brushing/grooming to keep their coats in mint condition. To keep this beautiful coat we recommend your Bernedoodle sees a groomer 3-4 times a year. 

Our purebred CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog females and purebred CKC/AKC registered Standard and Moyan Poodles come from sound genetic bloodlines. They are also health tested by certified veterinarians and declared suitable for breeding.